History of LVD Lamps

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Since October 2005,6-year long lawsuit between Shanghai Hongyuan Lighting & Electric Equipment Co., Ltd and Osram – the wholly owned subsidiary corporation of Siemens for the patent infringement dispute has been litigated in Shanghai Second Intermediate People’s Court ,Shanghai Senior People’s Court,SIPO,Beijing First Intermediate People’s Court and Beijing Senior People’s Court. Finally, Shanghai Hongyuan Lighting & Electric Equipment Co., Ltd wins over adjudged by Shanghai Senior Court and Beijing Senior Court.
Run back over this lawsuit experience, it should be regarded as an adventurous battle. Through this lawsuit battle fabricated by Osram and all these years’ obstruction caused by foreign intellectual property in Chinese market, we realize that the intellectual property has become the tool of competition rather than the tool of technology promotion. Some countries especially the developed countries and enterprises regard the intellectual property as the fourth resource following HR, Capital and hardware property. And intellectual property also has been used as a new fortune for capital raising. The intellectual property possessors even use this exclusively owned weapon to attack the other competitors for market monopolizing to obtain the maximum profits. Just as development based on this background, Shanghai Hongyuan suffered an unexpected patent battle. And finally wins over under six years’ unremitting efforts.
Pass though this tough patent dispute, what we should be thankful is the whole process has been concerned and supported by the national officers, Shanghai Municipal Committee and Shanghai Government. And in this period many officers visited our factory and gave plenty valuable advice.
The most apperception we get from this patent dispute is to obtain an invincible position in the international market. Chinese enterprises especially the private enterprises should tackle the challenge from the strong competitors bravely, should know the intellectual property institutions well and be expert to use it. Mr. Li Weide and his company’s wining for their patent dispute is a vivid elaboration to this. In this litigating six years, the patent dispute has impeded the development and sales marketing of LVD lamps. Meanwhile it caused us a chaotic induction lamp market and the fake LVD branded lamps got to be survived in this period. Regarding the importance of this patent dispute, the failure means minute for Osram such a products diversified company. But failure for Hongyuan means all the prospection of it.
The Latest Lighting Products by Shanghai Hongyuan-LVD Lamps:
Let’s turn back to year 2000, at that time Chinese lighting industry appeared as ubiquity of small size enterprises, industry concentration dispersive, low hi-Tec lever & anti-risk ability & additional value, bottom profitable and OEM reliant. Most of the enterprises can’t be compared with the foreign competitors. Even if the companies shaped as Shanghai Hongyuan also suffered higher raw material and business running cost, and this all was unavoidable. Thanks for the experienced and expert thought of Mr. Li Weide, Shanghai Hongyuan has got a strategic development plan. Mr. Li Weide analyzed: China is one of the countries whose people owns the lowest per capita energy; Chinese per capita energy just be the half of the global per capital level; Chinese energy consumption efficiency just be 30%, 10% lower than developed countries; Chinese output energy consumption is 2 times higher than the global average level. In order to combine lighting industry with energy saving, Mr. Li Weide decided to take science and technology as the long term development support and target, and set about by the R & D of energy saving lighting products. Mr. Li Weide has leaded his R & D team ever involved in solar energy and Nanotech. When Mr. Li read the information about the prospection given by Nordic Lighting Association president as: The lighting products will be products of IC application in the followed 20 years. Mr. Li Weide vigilantly established his high and new technology R&D team, and invested more than hundred millions for the R&D of LVD induction lamps. This new R&D target means new more technology challenge to them, and they would start a new journey with no experiences they can get refer to.
In the process of micro electronics circuit R&D, Mr. Li Weide and his team has rejected countless R&D projects to find the next way to get it. When they have got the self designed micro electronics circuit technology, Mr. Li Weide authorized this new technology to their oversea testing unit for trail production. After the inspection to the trail products by his R&D team, his team has been craven by the performance. But Mr. Li Weide has never been discouraged, he ever told his team never be dejected in the way of high technology R&D, they should believe themselves that they can conquer all the difficulty. And than, for a long time Mr. Li Weide has worked with his team in the lab, even that he ate and slept in the lab. Everything comes from our efforts, Mr. Li Weide and his team finally invented the ballast for the latest lighting products LVD Induction Lamps. This new technology has been tested and contrasted by National Science & Technology Department Shanghai Office and it has been ranked as the top level worldwide. Inspected by the National Light Source Testing Center, Shanghai Hongyuan has declared 15 domestic and international patents for this latest lighting product.
In order to improve the lighting efficiency, Mr. Li Weide has leaded his team researched and developed innovative combined powder by RGB fluorescent powder and water coating phosphor and its related producing technology. This new powder and producing technology has not only improved the lighting efficiency but also promoted the color rendering, flux maintenance and long life performance. What’s more, Mr. Li Weide and his team also have conquered and solved below technology challenges:
 Based on the tube of long time air tightness, the tube can be lighted under -40℃ by the application of a special amalgam.
The application of special amalgam, mixed inert gas, and high quality RGB fluorescent powder maintain above 90% flux and high lighting efficiency in -40℃ to 125.
Because of high requirement to the electronic circuit for LVD lamps, Shanghai Hongyuan R&D dedicated chip, and designed the advanced circuit. All this makes LVD lamps work and share 100,000 hours life span.
The design of LVD lamps’ electro-magnetic coupling device is quite particular. On the aspect of magnetism conductivity, magnetic induction, high frequency performance, Curie temperature point, induction intensity and the raw materials all proportioned strictly.
Advanced anti-interference tech and shield of radiation.
Welding and bending tech of high boron glass of 1600℃ melting point, advanced tube shaping tech.
As above mentioned tech challenge has been solved, LVD lamps has been developed with the performance of long life span, energy saving, high reliability, high PF, high lighting efficiency, high CRI, low harmonic, low temperature star, constant power output, wide temperature range complaint and no flicker. And the EMC performance accords with the IEC regulations completely.
Launch of LVD lamps wins high comment and public concern
At the beginning, seldom people knows induction lamp, in order to promote LVD lamps, Shanghai Hongyuan has attended lighting fairs held in Germany, U.S, Japan, U.A.E, Australia, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. It’s pride of Shanghai Hongyuan that all the fairs Shanghai Hongyuan attended Shanghai Hongyuan has been the most attracted attendance, the stand was surrounded spill over by the clients. From this we know the launch of LVD lamps wins high comment and public concern.
Meanwhile, domestic and foreign media scrambled to report this new lighting technology. One of English lighting press says LVD lamps overcame the western tech on induction lamp and broke through all the past tech obtained an achievement. Jun. 2003, “Guangdong Lighting Appliance” published “The Pride of Chinese Lighting Industry – Shanghai Hongyuan Lighting & Equipment Co., Ltd Developed out International Leading Level Induction Lamp”.
Dec.09.2003, “Consumption Daily” reported “Chinese Lighting Industry’s Achievement-LVD Lamps”


Feb.03.2004, “Wenhui Post” released “Lighting turns into chip times”. This article praised Shanghai Hongyuan started a new innovation for lighting industry.
Feb.19.2004, “Shanghai Economics” published “Chinese Edison lights lighting innovation – interview GM of Shanghai Hongyuan Mr. Li Weide.
Apr.27.2004, international light source academic committee consultant, Japan light academic committee honorary member, chief engineer of Panasonic Lighting Dr.Kamiya Shigeru visited Shanghai Hongyuan accompanied by director of Electric Lighting Institute, Fudan University, Mr. Chen Dahua. Dr.Kamiya Shigeru commended LVD lamp surpasses the international tech is kind of a new lighting product.
May.8.2004, “Jiefang Daily” published “Invention Surpassing International Lighting Tech”introduced LVD lamps.
Jul.2004, “Union Times” reported “Magic Lamp of Shanghai Hongyuan”
Nov.2004, director of China Brand Strategy Committee Lin Zongtang visited Shanghai Hongyuan, and left an inscription to cite the achievement of Shanghai Hongyuan.
On 2004 Shanghai Industry Expo, Shanghai Hongyuan owned the gold medal by right of LVD lamps selected from more than 3,000 enterprises. Vice executive secretary of UN Maurice Strong, Dean Eric of The Royal Academy of Engineering in UK and the other international celebrities commented highly to LVD lamps.

“English Lighting Engineering” says: Technologies that aren’t viable in the west often have a new lease of life in China.

On the 2004 10th Lighting conference held in France, Shanghai Hongyuan invited to give a key note. On that conference, the advantage of LVD lamps has been praised by many experts from different countries included Chairman Dr. Jeff of America Lighting Association. On 2004 World Engineers Conference, Shanghai Hongyuan provided two technical papers to be collected by the conference organizer. CIE helps to promote LVD lamps as energy saved lighting products worldwide.
In 2005, LVD lamps certified by “KETI”; LVD lamps was ranked “National Energy Saving & Environment Friendly Lighting Products” certified by Chinese Energy Saving Committee; 40W-200W LVD lamps certified by CE; LVD lamps listed as “ National Main New Products”. LVD lamps certified by CCC and UL in this year as well.
In 2006, Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and Shanghai Municipal Government asked concerned departments to fully support the development of LVD lamps for its independent intellectual property. LVD lamps have been listed into Shanghai Eleventh Five-Year Plan’s Industrial & Commercial Innovation Projects. Shanghai Economic Committee, Shanghai NDRC, Shanghai Technical Supervision Bureau and Shanghai Bureau of Finance declared LVD lamps listed into “Shanghai Energy Saving Application Recommendation”
In 2007, LVD lamps certified by Nigerian SON; 277V-100W LVD lamps certified by UL; LVD lamps recommended as energy saving product by Guizhou Province.
In 2008, LVD lamps were named “Famous Product of Electric Appliance in Shanghai”. Tianjin Economic Committee listed LVD lamps into “Tianjin Advanced Energy Saving Products Recommendation”. LVD lamps certified by GMC and African SON.
In 2009, 347V/40W、80W、120W、150W、200W;277V/80W、120W、150W、200W LVD lamps certified by UL. “LVD Solar Lighting System” won the first prize of “Best Advice of Shanghai People for Energy Saving”. Brand “LVD”registered in Brazil. Shanghai Hongyuan published book “LVD Induction Lamp” made with Fudan University. LVD lamps listed into “Shanghai Independent Innovation Brand”.  LVD-BX01 Ex-proof products passed anti-explosion certification.
In 2010, LVD lamps were recommended as “2009 Shanghai Famous Brand”. LVD-GC22121-80WLVD-GC22141-120W,LVD-GC22141-150W,LVD-22141-200W lamps certified by GS. 9 kinds products of Series LVD-WJ220/50 40-300W certified by CE-EMC. LVD-WJ24V-40WDZ DC24V 40W solar light was listed into “National New Products” by MOST, Environment Protection Department, Commerce Department and AQSIA.  40~300W LVD lamps certified by CE. Shanghai Hongyuan was authorized to be the pilot enterprise of ISO14064 by CQC. State Trademark Bureau issued registration certification to Shanghai Hongyuan for Brand “LVD”. Mr. Li Weide’s invention about “City Energy Saving Lighting Intelligence Control System of LVD Lamps” obtained the first prize of “3rd Best Innovation of Shanghai People” And won the gold award of“23rd Shanghai Innovation”.
In 2003 to 2011, Shanghai Hongyuan declared patent on new technology innovation and products appearance about 116 pieces, and LVD lamps won more than 100 awards.
LVD lamps have not only released a new lighting products application but also improved the promotion and development of the world’s lighting technology. 
One officer from State Intellectual Property Office said: All over the world, once Chinese enterprise owns a competitive products threatening foreign enterprise, the foreign enterprise would come to attack the Chinese enterprise by intellectual property. Just as this officer says, Osram fabricated the patent infringement dispute to Shanghai Hongyuan intending to seize the technology of LVD lamps to be his property. All the efforts Hongyuan people paid in the 6 years litigation is out of the imagination of Osram. And the perseverance spirit of Shanghai Hongyuan is the most reason of Osram’s failure.
“No cross, no crown”, in all 6 years litigation Shanghai Hongyuan believes in the fairness of law, trusts the fact is regnant against words. Although the dispute caused many obstacles to Hongyuan, Hongyuan people have come it over. All what Hongyuan paid is meritorious. Through out all the experience, Hongyuan realized in the way of development, especially when we get some achievement, sometimes challenges from competitors should come. But we should never show any timidity to this, or we would be constricted by competitors. In case of competition and challenge come to us, Shanghai Hongyuan is aware of patent protection on the beginning of R&D. Just as Chairman of the Board Mr. Li Weide said: We should protect our own intellectual property, on the other hand we should esteem competitor’s intellectual property.
God helps those who help themselves. Therefore, we should pay much attention on the protection of intellectual property for the development of Shanghai Hongyuan. And it’s better that we can try our best to obtain the intellectual property advantage on key area and technology aspect. Wining of the patent infringement dispute against Osram, it means the obstacle clearance on the way of development, and we should transform this affair to be the marketing tool. Right now, modernized Jiangsu Lead Production Plant has already arisen up accompanying the reform of domestic and overseas sales channel. Shanghai Hongyuan will elaborate the whole industrial chain combined by advanced production, modernized service and capital operation step by step, and the same time focus the importance and development of high technology to support the elaboration of whole industrial chain. And Shanghai Hongyuan should also concentrate in technology promotion and system integration, so that we can be dominant to get the cut-edging technology advantage and self owned intellectual property, meanwhile set a long term invulnerable foundation for an Everlasting Hongyuan.

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